TYPO3 self-study for beginners part 3

Self training information

On this page you will learn step by step basics of Typo3.

Previous knowledge

  • The previous knowledge from "TYPO3 self-study for beginners part 2" is required.


After working through the contents you will be able to ...

  • Typo3 plug-ins set
    • News systems
    • Page teasers
    • Powermail (forms)
  • Create quick access menus
  • Make search engine optimizations

This training corresponds to the seminar TYPO3 for beginners part 3.

Exercise area

There is a Typo3 practice area available for you to try out and create your first website. The following URL https://t3coach.rhrk.uni-kl.de/typo3/ will take you to the practice area. You will need to access it either from the Uninetz or via VPN.

Login data:

Username: t3_sandbox

Password: sandbox_t3

Further more

Time required

  • Reading time approx. 30-40 minutes
  • With exercises 3 hours

Technical requirements

  • PC with Internet connection in the Uninetz or with VPN

Further training

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How to proceed

As you can see, below this tutorial text there are some links to the contents of the beginner training, which you can work through yourself.

We recommend that you keep to the order in which they are listed and work through the contents one after the other. In order not to always have to return to this page to select the next chapter, you will find a correspondingly marked link at the end of each page to continue.

  1. News System (News Plug-In & Detail Page)
  2. Page Teaser Plug-In
  3. Powermail forms
  4. Quick access menu
  5. Search engine optimization


Would you like to give us feedback on the self-training? Then feel free to write to typo3@rhrk.uni-kl.de.