News - Optional details


A news item needs a headline, a teaser and a text.

If no teaser is added, the subtitle is automatically generated from the beginning of the text area.
Text: Here you enter the news text, which you can edit as usual.
If you check Top news, the news will stay above on the web pages in the overview.

If the date field is not edited, the date is automatically set to the time when the news was created.

News will be sorted in the news overview according to this date.
After 90 days news are automatically archived and displayed in the news archive.


Category selection

Choosing the right category is critical to where and whether news appears on web pages.
There are three categories: Target group, Status, Setup.

The Setup category determines on which pages the news will be displayed. Here you should choose your own institution.
A subcategory must be selected from each of the three categories mentioned.
If categories are not directly visible under "Selected objects", it helps to save the data set, whereupon the page is reloaded and all selected categories of the news are displayed.

Create a news in English language
Create a new news record. Select the English language. Now proceed in the same way as when creating a German news. Analogous to the German news you also have to consider the selection of categories, titles, authors etc. in the English news. When the news item is saved and a language is selected, the "Original text" field appears. Select here the German news item to which the translation should be assigned.


In addition to images, files can also be added, which are listed below the news text.
Files: Link under similar files



Under Relations, a link can be made to related links and similar messages.



Author name and e-mail address can be specified. 

The mail address, if available, will be linked on the author name.


Specifying the time of publication/expiration date of a news item
If the news should not be published immediately or should only be online for a certain time, a desired publication and expiration date can be selected under the "Access" tab.