Linux Terminal Server

The two Linux terminal servers and offer a standard Linux desktop (MATE) with the common Linux applications.

Both servers are Dell PowerEdge R530 Servers with identical hard- and software.



2 x Intel Xeon E5-2623 v3 3.0GHz with 8 cores each


192 Gigabyte main memory


Scientific Linux release 7



For authentification the RHRZ account is used. Your RHRZ password can be changed on


You can access the servers via:

  • SSH or X2Go (VPN connection required)
  • NoMachine NX (client available in service portal, VPN not required)
  • RDP (through gateway server without VPN)

To set up an RDP connection from your Linux client, please follow the instructions to establish an RDP connection through the gateway server using the Linux application Remmina. If you are not using a Linux Client to set up the connection from, follow the instructions available for connecting Windows or MacOS Clients with the Windows remote desktop servers, but replace by or

You can change the login shell on the service portal of the RHRZ under „Active Directory Attribute“.

The central printing services of the RHRZ can be used.


Besides freely available Linux software, there is also third party software installed. The command module avail will return the available software.

To work with module files use the command module followed by a subcommand. In the following table some subcommands are listed. To get the full list, execute module without subcommand.



module avail

shows software modules available

module list

shows software modules loaded

module help [module_name]

shows information about software module [module_name]

module load [module_name]

loads software module [modul_name]

module unload [module_name]

unloads software module [modul_name]

module initadd [modul_name]

[modul_name] will hereafter be loaded on login


Get further information executing the command module --help or man module. 


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Let us now your RHRZ account name.

RDP through gateway server (Linux)

How to set up your RDP connection through gateway server using Remmina.