Storage at RHRZ

Prices valid from: 1.12.2017

RHRZ offers storage (storage space) in different service quality and for different purposes.

The basic supply of storage for employees, students and work groups as well as central facilities is free of charge. However, the size of the available space is limited here.

Type            QuotaRequirementAccess via      
Windows home directory100 GBRPTU-AccountWindows terminalserver
Linux home directory100 GBRPTU-AccountLinux terminalserver
HPC home directory100 GBHPC AuthorizationHigh-performance computer Elwetritsch
Data storage for AGs, ZE100 GBRPTU-AccountAG- or ZE-owned systems
Seafile Cloud Storage10/100GBSeafile AuthorizationBrowser, own systems

Storage requirements beyond this basic supply can be realized via paid services (depending on availability, billing via cost center 1 year in advance, automatic renewal for 1 year if not cancelled 1 month before expiry):

TypeCost per TB1 and yearRequirement
NAS storage („Data Package“)63 €RPTU-Account
HPC storage42 €

AHRP-project / HPC Usage

FDM storageon requestResearch project with large amounts of data

NAS storage provides the highest quality of service. It is a share (CIFS + NFS) on which files can be stored. The storage system is redundant, offers automatic snapshots to quickly access older versions or deleted files. In addition, all data is regularly backed up multiple times to cover the greatest possible case of error.

HPC storage is made available to HPC users directly in the HPC cluster Elwetritsch to increase the capacity for calculations in AHRP projects and / or to store data for longer periods of time.

FDM storage is ideal for large volumes of large files (10 TB minimum) with little random I/O. Possible applications are research projects that generate large amounts of data and need to store it for several years. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

1 The usable capacity is approx. 10% lower.