Your news in the RPTU circular mail

You can use the news system ( to write and manage your own articles for the RPTU newsletter and submit them for publication. These are usually contributions for the daily collective newsletter or, in special cases, messages that are sent with the weekly job vacancy newsletter or as a separate individual newsletter.

You can find out exactly how this works and what options and dispatch types are available here.

Types of dispatch

Collective circular mail

The collective circular mail is sent automatically to all subscribers at around 2 pm. The messages are categorised according to the main topics as follows: 

- General (topics that are not covered by events or surveys)
 - Events (e.g. university parties, cultural and sporting events)
- Surveys (e.g. study participation)

are grouped in the above order. 

The collective circular mail is not sent at weekends. Messages dated on a Saturday or Sunday will be sent in the collective circular mail on the following Monday.

Each user is initially subscribed to the collective mailing list and can unsubscribe and, if necessary, resubscribe.

Job offer circular mail

The job vacancies newsletter contains all messages published with the tag "job vacancies" and is automatically sent to all users on Mondays at around 11.00 am. Each user is initially subscribed to the job vacancies newsletter as part of the collective newsletter; it is possible to unsubscribe and subscribe again if necessary.

Individual circular mail

To ensure that important information is better noticed by the addressees, it can be sent as individual circulars that cannot be cancelled. Important information is, for example, information with ...

- content relating to employment or study law
- security-related content
- Content on the organised self-representation of both groups
- Content of overriding interest

The senders of this information are

- University management (also departments, units and staff units on behalf of the Presidential Board)
- RHRZ - Department 3 (only addressee group "employees")
- Staff Council (only addressee group "Employees")
- Department 4 (only addressee group "Students")
- Department 6 "International Affairs" (only addressee group "Students")
- AStA (only addressee group "students")

Individual circulars cannot be cancelled.

In principle, the sending of an individual circular mail must be approved by one of the above-mentioned organisational units. This organisational unit must then also be the sender of the individual circular mail. Requests for individual circular emails are checked editorially by University Communications.

Set message

Log in to the news system

You need an RPTU account so that your contribution for the RPTU newsletter can be entered in the RHRZ news system.

You can access the news system via the following URL:

Log in with your RPTU account name and the corresponding password and confirm your entries with the "Log in" button.
Enter only the account name (e.g. "muster" or "mus77ter") under "RPTU-Account", without "" or "".

Switch to the user area to write a post or manage previously saved messages. You will find the link to this in the header of the page.

You will now see the overview page of your user area. Here you always have an overview of the messages you have created and the status of your requests for publication.


Sender is a mandatory field that can be edited at any time. Enter your signature or a contact person who is responsible for the content of the message here.

Composing a message

To write a message, select the "Create new message" button in the top left-hand corner of your user area.

The "Write message" page is displayed.

Enter your message text and other properties of your message here:

Title of the message: The title of the message is displayed both in the round-up email and on the posts page.
The title should be short and concise; exclamation marks or emojis should not be used as this makes it more difficult to read. 
Content: Enter your post text here. Formatting elements, e.g. HTML, are not supported. Please note that formatting will be removed.
By clicking on the "Save message" button, your message will be saved in your personal user area (but not yet published!).

Your message

If you save a message or open it via the overview page of your user area, you will be taken to the page for managing this message.

Your post is summarised again on the left-hand side.

The buttons below the post text offer you various options for continuing:

  • "Duplicate message" creates a copy of the displayed message and takes you to the input form for editing the duplicated message.
  • "Edit message" takes you to the input form for the displayed message.
  • "Delete message" deletes the displayed message.

Select tags and category, apply for publication

The categories "Collective circular mail" and "Individual circular mail" are used to control the type of mailing of the contribution. 

The following topic tags are available:
- General
- Events
- Surveys
Note: Only 1 tag is taken into account, so select your relevant topic here. If several topic tags are selected, the message will appear under the 1st tag in the order shown above. Here is an example: If you select "Event" and "Survey", the message will appear under "Event". If no tag is selected, your message will appear under "General".
The job vacancies tag is only permitted for contributions to the weekly job vacancies newsletter. 

The following location tags are available:
- Kaiserslautern (tag appears after the subject of the message as a hashtag: #Kaiserslautern)
- Landau (tag appears after the subject of the message as hashtag: #Landau)
Note: If both locations "Kaiserslautern" and "Landau" are selected, no location will appear after the subject.

The following target group tags are available:
- Employees
- Students
Note: The selection of the target group tag only has an effect on an individual or job offer circular mail, not on the collective circular mail. If no tag or both tags are selected here, the message will be sent to all personal accounts. 

To submit the message for publication to the system for processing, open the message you wish to publish:

If you have just saved your message, it is already open and the message management page is already displayed.
If you saved the message earlier, you will find it on the overview page of your user area in the list of "saved messages". Click on the desired message to display the page for managing your message.
You will also see the following input fields for a publication request for your message:

Date of publication: Date on which the message is to be published.
Time of publication: The time on the day of publication at which the message should appear. For collective circulars and the job offer circular, this is a fixed time that applies to all collective circulars. Individual circulars appear at the set time.


If you have any technical questions, please send an e-mail to the RHRZ support team If you have any questions about the concept, content or further developments, please contact University Communications.