With each personal RPTU account comes a mailbox. In your mailbox on our mail server, all emails sent to your RPTU email address (or your RPTU email alias) are stored.

Your e-mails are there for you until you read and delete them, e.g. via the webmailer. If you use an external e-mail program (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird), you can set there whether e-mails should be automatically deleted from the mail server after downloading to your computer, or whether they should remain stored in your mailbox on the server.


Students have a Communigate mailbox.

This can be accessed with the web service Communigate in the browser or via external mail programs. Here you can find Instructions for accessing your Communigate mailbox.


Employees have both a Communigate mailbox and the option to request an Exchange mailbox as an alternative. Although this is also possible individually, we prefer to switch entire organizational units (such as workgroups, institutes, departments, etc.) to Exchange.

The Communigate mailbox can be accessed via the web service Communigate or via external mail programs. Click here for instructions on how to access your Communigate mailbox.

For the Exchange mailbox, we provide information and instructions on how to retrieve the Exchange mailbox.

Read email directly

using the webmailer - no app required

Webmail Communigate

Webmail Exchange

Function account

In most cases, a function account has an email address and a mailbox, just like a personal employee account. This can be a Communigate mailbox or an Exchange mailbox.

In a function email address, the individual components before the @ are separated from each other by a hyphen, in distinction to the dot used in the personal email alias.

The function email address usually has the following format:

  • For project groups:
    <project name>@projects.rptu.deor
    <project name>-<function>
  • For departments and their organisational units that have specified an RPTU email subdomain:
    <function>@<sub>, example: and
    <ou>-<function>@<sub>, example:
  • For departments or central institutions and their organisational units that do not use a subdomain:
    <sub>-<function>, example: and
    <sub>-<ou>-<function>, example: zhdl-ele-info@rptu.

If a distinction by location is required, "-ld" or "-kl" can be inserted directly in front of the @,
e.g. and

Request function account

You can apply for a function account the same way as for a staff account via the account management. Enter the desired function email address directly in the "Bemerkung" (Comment) field.


with answers to your questions about function email addresses, e.g. about the subdomain.

Email alias

The RPTU email alias is an additional email address to the personal RPTU account.

The acccount management will offer you suggestions based on your name from which you can choose your RPTU email alias.

In a RPTU email alias, different parts of the name are separated by a dot.

Like your RPTU email address, your RPTU email alias also refers to your personal mailbox (Communigate or Exchange), so that you receive all emails via the same mailbox.

The email alias is therefore comparable to an additional name plate on your mailbox.


RPTU account: mus77ter
(account name automatically generated during account creation)

RPTU email address:
(automatically generated with the personal RPTU account)

RPTU email alias:
(self-selected via the account management)

Choose email alias

Account management

Overview email boxes









1 GB



Communigate or Exchange

10 GB


Expansions for

Communigate or Exchange

25 GB


50 GB


75 GB


100 GB


Expansions for
administrative directors,
heads of division,
function accounts

Communigate or Exchange

25 GB


50 GB


75 GB


100 GB


Have email account expanded

According to the overview, you can have the email box of your employee account expanded by means of an informal request.

To do so, write an email with the following information to rz-support(at)

  • RPTU account name
  • first and last name
  • cost center from which the monthly costs for the extension are to be debited
  • cost center owner
  • organizational unit
  • expansion level (25/50/75/100 GB)

In your mail, put the cost center owner in CC!

Microsoft Exchange
Distribution lists & mailing lists

Reach several people via one e-mail address.