Information for students

Welcome to the RHRZ!

This guide contains a list of services that the RHRZ provides for students. Students will also find explanatory videos on various services and further information.


What is an RPTU account?

An RPTU account is a user profile provided by the RHRZ with permission to access various services, valid within the entire domain.

Account Information

Account Activation

Change Password


Which services are available?

- E-mail address ""  
   Access via webmail: Communigate
- Printing, Copying and Scanning
    - Druckausgabe
    - Follow Me

- Access to your home directory from home
- Linux Terminal Server
- Windows Terminal Server
- High Performance Computing

- WLAN on Campus
- VPN Access

- Personal Homepage
- KIS-Office (KL students only)
- QIS (KL students only)

- Serviceportal 
   (e.g. quota check, software downloads)
- Ticketsystem
- Knowledgebase (FAQ)

Guide: Account activation

Guide: Change Password


RPTU E-Mail Information
Web Interface

- Mail address format ""
- Storage quota: 1 GB
- Login:
    - ""
    - RPTU password
    - Layout Samoware
    - Updated browser

Local Setup

- Outlook
- Thunderbird
- Android Gmail App
- iOS Mail App

Guide: Login Mail Web Interface


Certain services and features are only accessible within our network.
The VPN client Wireguard is used to gain access to internal services from outside.

VPN Information



- Installation for Windows, Apple, Android und Linux
- Integration of the configuration file

Available Tunnels

- Full-Tunnel
- Split-Tunnel

Guide: Download Wireguard


The Serviceportal is only accessible via VPN.



- Eduroam -> Quota-Status
- Software-Download
- HPC Access-Management
- Print Service Quota
- Microsoft 365 Apps
- License Key Self Service
- Contact

Information about software and licenses

Preview: Serviceportal

Other Information and Tutorials

RHRZ Guide for Students

Attention: Due to constant changes, this guide may not always be up-to-date!

Ticketsupport: rz-support(at)

RZ Service Center: Opening Hours

Hotline KL: +49 (0631) 205 - 3170
Hotline LD: +49 (06341) 280 - 31184

Here is a link to our FAQ: Password Policies


Here is an overview of all licenses: Licences


username = matriculation number

Note: Password changes in QIS is valid only in QIS.

Wireguard: Configuration File Import

Guide: Eduroam Installation