Instructions for using print, copy and scan services

Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions to fully benefit from the print, copy and scan services of the RHRZ.
The RHRZ is still working on the English version of this webpage. Most of our instructions are not yet translated.

Multifunction printer within the Follow-me system

Configuration of printers for several operating systems

The instructions for configuring the printers on your own computer are carried out as examples for just one printer and can be carried out analogously for all other printer queues.

If you are at home, you need to set up a VPN-connection in order to use the printing systems on the RPTU campus in Kaiserslautern.

Set up printer (Windows)

Set up printer (macOS)

Set up printer (Linux)

Password Change

If you have changed your RPTU password (at, you will have to set up the new password for using the RHRZ printers as well in order to continue sending print jobs from your own device.

The following pages will show you how to make the necessary settings under different operating systems:


Mac OS

Note: If you use a VPN connection to print from home, you must update the password there as well.