Software & Licenses

Software & Licenses

Tailored to the needs of a university

What you will find here

You will find mainly software

  • for which a central procurement of the licenses brings considerable cost advantages
  • freely available software, which runs on our own servers and can therefore be used by many and guarantees data protection

Completely different is for all software packages depending on the concluded license agreement:

  • who is allowed to use the software
  • how long the software may be used
  • the costs incurred
  • the supply of Downloads
  • the provision of the license
Note on compliance with the license conditions

Therefore, please read the applicable terms and conditions carefully before using the software. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the software is only used in accordance with the license terms.


We do not provide content support for the software products.


For some categories there is currently no English translation of the content. However, you are welcome to look at the German page for this instead.

Software offer by categories


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