JSON Crack

The "Javascript Object Notation" (JSON) has become the accepted format for data exchange between servers and apps. JSON data is already well structured and readable in principle. Nevertheless, the compactness of the notation or a large number of objects can make it difficult to keep track of them.

The open source tool JSON Crack turns your code into clear graphs in no time.

No registration is required. Open the editor in your browser and start simply by replacing the sample JSON code in the left part of the screen with your own data. On the right, you will then directly see the visualization of your JSON code.

You can paste data from the clipboard, import locally stored JSON files, or even fetch JSON data directly from the Internet. You can see changes in your code immediately in the created graph.

Of course, you can also download the current graph as a PNG file or share a snapshot of the current editor view via a link.

This service is provided by RHRZ without support or availability guarantee.

What is required to use JSON Crack

  • Access to the RPTU network (LAN, WLAN, VPN)
  • End device (PC, laptop etc.)