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Campus WLAN

Wireless Internet

Campus WLAN

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) allows computers to communicate with each other wirelessly and can be used to provide an Internet connection.

SSIDs on Campus

On campus, you will receive the following SSIDs ("network names") in particular.


Internet access for students and staff. You authenticate yourself via your RPTU account.

RPTU is part of the eduroam project so that members of other educational institutions participating in the project can also access the WLAN at RPTU.

The eduroam configuration described on this website only applies to RPTU students and staff; eduroam users from other institutions should follow the instructions of their home institution.

"RPTU-guest" ( KL campus only)

Information medium and guest access with restricted internet access.

You can use this network, for example, to access the information and data you need to set up eduroam.

Pre-shared key (PSK)

In addition, fee-based Wi-Fi access points with various SSIDs and pre-shared keys (PSK) can be used for offices, laboratories, meeting and seminar rooms that are not freely bookable and are mainly used by a small number of people.

The authorized persons or devices authenticate themselves with a pre-defined character string of up to 63 characters, the so-called key or "Wi-Fi password".

Guest access

For external persons, RPTU employees can apply for a temporary WLAN guest account for the WLAN network at Campus Landau or Campus Kaiserslautern (e.g. for a guest lecture).

No reception?

The employees of the RPTU in Kaiserslautern can apply for an extension of the WLAN with a new access point. All cost centers are eligible to apply.

Please find out about the WLAN options on offer and the different costs and guarantees associated with them before filling in the web form to apply for a new access point.

Any further questions?


Set up a WLAN connection on your end device.

Guest access

Temporary WLAN access for external persons

New Access Point

Apply to extend the WLAN at your workplace.