Contenthosting: Your Typo3 Web page


Content hosting offers you the opportunity to create a website without any technical knowledge about a CMS (Content Management System). The RHRZ assumes all technical maintenance tasks. TYPO3 is used as a CMS, therefore comprehensive support and training can be offered. However, the pages must be kept in the design of the RPTU.



available for...

  • Central facilities,
  • Departments,
  • Working groups,
  • Student body of a department,
  • Course of study,
  • Projects, whose page extent require their own navigation,
  • Other university institutions attached to the CI of the RPTU,


  • No programming knowledge necessary.
  • The RHRZ is supporting technically and updates Typo3 regualarly.
  • The websites are already adapted in the CI of the RPTU.
  • Via VPN connection you can work work on your website regardless of time and place.
  • In addition, there is the possibility to offer your websites bilingual ind German, English and French.
  • You can attend introductory trainings at the RHRZ and ask questions afterwards through the ticket system.