Peronal homepage: This is how it works!

For own homepages the providers are basically responsible themselves, but some rules are of course always valid:

  • They are not allowed to offer commercial pages in the scientific network.
  • They are not allowed to distribute data with content that violates human dignity or is discriminatory.


To create the pages "in a simple way", the office program LibreOffice on the Linux systems can be used.


To follow the following instructions, you will need an RPTU-Account and basic HTML knowledge.

Setting up your own homepage

1. Connect to the Linux terminal server via using the Windows remote desktop function. A login window will open, log in as usual with your username and password.

2. Create a new folder with the name .wwww within your home directory. Then create a new index.html file within this folder.

3. You can now design the index.html file by yourself (HTML, CSS, JS) If you have no experience with HTML, please read the introduction to HTML.

By means of a template generator (e.g. initializr) you can underlay your page with an already prepared design.

4. The directories $HOME and $HOME/.wwww must always have the execute bit set for others, the files must be readable by others to be accessible from the web server. Therefore you have to adjust the access rights within your home directory.

Note: Make sure that you do not store any private documents in your home directory, as they will be visible to the outside world due to the set access rights.

5. Your finished homepage can be viewed worldwide with any browser (Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer) under the URL


After some time it will also appear on the homepage list.