Teamwork with Mattermost - a chat platform

a service by Rechenzentrumsallianz Rheinland-Pfalz (RARP) is a modern chat platform that enables real-time teamwork on all your devices. Mattermost is the underlying software.

You can simply log in via your internet browser or download the Mattermost app for use on your desktop computer or mobile device.

All employees of the various universities and colleges in Rhineland-Palatinate can log in to this Mattermost server using the Shibboleth login procedure with their login name and password from their respective university or college.
Therefore, use Shibboleth as your login method both in the browser and when using the Mattermost App.

The URL of the Mattermost server is:

Pay particular attention to the "https" in the server URL when using the Mattermost App. In the Windows app, you can add a display name for the Mattermost server, which you can choose freely, e.g. Teamwork RP.

Unfortunately, external persons cannot use

Login Teamwork RARP (Web)

Login process requires two steps. Log into Gitlab with your personal RPTU-Account or the account you are given by your university. You will be forwarded to .

 Download Mattermost App

(iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux)